We infuse food with love.

We believe there is a transfer of energy from the makers of food to the people who consume it. For us, this energy comes from our quality, care, and attention to detail. It is positive... and healing... and restorative.

Local, Organic. Nutritious.


We continuously search high and low to find local farms, stores, and families that have chosen to raise their animals naturally and ethically.

The farms we select feed their animals organic whole foods, and then provide us the bones for nutritious broth. For sipping tips visit our ingredients page.

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Flour + Water

Our Bread

We believe finding the very best, naturally milled flour is key to making the freshest sourdough. We also believe you cannot just use any water. We use filtered water to create our bread.

Our sourdough is fermented for 36 hours using our very own starter, which has been grown for months with love. And as our name suggests, there are only two ingredients: Flour + Water.

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Our Story

From Seattle to San Francisco and NOW North Idaho, we're creating experiences for people through the wonderful expression of food and hospitality.