Bread + Bones

Sourdough Starter + Recipe


Get your own little piece of a Bread + Bones sourdough starter! Our starter has been with us for about a year, and is used to make all of our glorious bread. We now offer shipping anywhere in the mainland US to receive 60 grams of sourdough starter, plus a starter care card. We also include our wonderful sourdough recipe so you can try our bread in the comfort of your own home! Our kit is great for first time bakers--Don't be discouraged!

Our starter kits are packed with a small ice pack to keep alive. Please choose UPS ground or 2-3 day to ensure the starter is fresh. Please feed the starter immediately upon opening. There is a video instructing how to remove starter from Kraft bag, and how to feed under our "how to" page!

What kind of ingredients do you use?

We use bones from naturally raised local animals. We partner with wonderful local farms. And our produce and flour is all organic and naturally milled. Our bread consists of ONLY flour and water. Pure and simple.

Do you ship nationally?

Yes! We ship to anywhere in the continental US. We use 2 day shipping as our broth is sent frozen in a food safe cold pack container.

What is your return policy?

We do not accept any refunds as our items are perishable. If you have concerns or comments about your products, please send us a message.


We are available by email to answer questions, to offer pairing recommendations, to guide you through the shopping process or to just chat about life. Click here to contact us.

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